All Advocates have to give their details- BCI


The Bar Council of India has requested all State ,District and Tehsil (Taluka)Bar Associations of the country to submit the details of all the advocates who practice and the members of the concerned Bar Association for the observation of the e-committee constituted by the Supreme Court.

The Bar Council of India has made the practice mandatory if any advocate is not a member of any bar association and fails to give his information. Such advocates will be considered as “Non-practicing Advocates” by the Council.

This decision was taken by the Bar of Council India many times, after seeking information from advocates from the State Bar Council.

On 24 July 2020, the Bar Council of India has sent letters addressing the presidents and secretaries of all the state bar associations of the country, in this letter BCI has sought details of advocates registered with them from all the bar associations.

After collecting the data of the State Bar Association Advocate through WhatsApp or email, cross-check the data to ensure that the data is impeccable, the data will be as per the following format –

This format is to be e filled up by every practicing Advocate of the country and submitted to the Bar Association/s of which they are members preferably, by email/whatsapp.

  1. S. No.
  2. Enrolment Number of Advocate in State Bar Council with the year of enrolment
  3. Certificate of Practise details, issued after clearance of AIBE, wherever applicable
  4. Name of Advocate (to be printed in short on cause list)
  5. Full name of Advocate
  6. Name of Advocate in Local Language.
  7. Date of Birth of Advocate
  8. Gender of Advocate M-Male, F-Female, T-Transgender
  9. Address of Advocate
  10. Address of Advocate in Local Language
  11. Email of Advocate
  12. Mobile number of Advocate
  13. Whalsapp (if any)
  14. Phone number of Advocate
  15. Fax Number
  16. Office Address of Advocate where he/she practices
  17. Pin Code
  18. District
  19. Taluka
  20. Office Address of Advocate in local language
  21. Type of Advocate, (Individual-1, Firm-2, Company-3)
  22. If Firm or Company, Registration No. in BCI

The Bar Council of India asked all the State Bar Associations to collect and send all the data in 15 days time that it is urgent.
According to the Bar Council, all the State Bar Councils should be connected through official WhatsApp groups only to those Advocates who are registered in the Bar Council and are in practice. In the WhatsApp group of all state bar associations, the Bar Council of India will appoint an officer on its own so that any mischief or act is not in the group.

Everyone is requested not to send a personal email to the Bar Council of India. The letter states that “All advocates have to submit their details to the respective bar associations of which they are members”.