Classification of Hindu Marriage

Classification of Hindu Marriage

Marriage is the foundation of the human civilization. Marriage provides social form to a human being after marriage. It is considered to be the most strong and culturally form  in Hindu . It also gives social and religious form to man.

According to Religious Books,

 According to Yajnavalkya, Women and Man have been born to become mothers and fathers.

 According to Manu, The perfect man is one who marries and whose child moves forward.

 According to the Mahabharata, The wife is Ardhangini. Religious rituals performed by a man without wife is incomplete . The wife is the soul of the husband and  wife is the best friend of the husband . Only wife is source of Religion ,Work and salvation .



There are 8 methods of Hindu marriage. it can be divided into two parts, valid and common methods.

  1.Valid Methods

2. Invalid Methods

 Brahma Marriage,

 It is considered to be the best marriage of all the laws. In this marriage, the bride’s father worships the groom and gives the donation by donating to the bride.

 Dev Marriage

Kanyadaan in Yag, This method came into force after 1955.

 Prajapatya Marriage

Kanyadaan Prajapatya marriage is considered by the father of the girl to cohabit the girl. The father of the girl says that you should conduct righteousness together and hand the girl over to the groom.

 Arya Marriage

For the discharge of religious duties, the girl is handed over to the groom with a cow’s hand and in general terms, if the two cows or a cow take a Ox, The father hands over his daughter to the groom.

  Invalid Marriage

 Gandharva Marriage

Gandharva Marriage Married by a girl to a man who is full of desire, is considered a Gandharva marriage. Such marriages are performed like love marriages of a religious act.

 Asura Marriage

In marriage, the father of the girl receives the value of her girl from the bride as a fee and hands over the girl to the bride.

  Monstar Marriage

In this marriage, the groom kidnaps Kanya and breaks into Kanye’s house and brings Kanya with her.

 Peshach Marriage

In this marriage, intercourse with a unsound of mind, mad or sleeping girl .



 Anulom Marriages are high-caste brides and low-caste girls in this marriage, according to the religious texts Yajnavalkaya and Mitakshara, such marriages were considered to be valid marriages.

Gulawati vs Jeevanlal AIR 1922 Bombay 25 In this case this marriage was upheld.


Pertilom Marriage , the girl was of upper caste and the groom was of lower caste. Such marriage was not considered as valid marriage but in earlier times such marriages were valid. After the time the caste system became rigid, after the marriage such marriages were declared invalid and ended.


At the present time, by the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, the old classification has been abolished. This classification are divided into the following three classes.

  1.   Valid Marriage
  2.   Voidable Marriage
  3.   Void Marriage

 1. A valid marriage is a marriage whereby all rituals and rituals are fully fulfilled and the law which is fully valid is considered to be a valid marriage at the present time.

2. A Voidable marriage is a valid marriage unless a party listens to this marriage by car. An application is made to the court for being voidable. The court may declare such marriage void.

3. A Void marriage is not defined by the Hindu Marriage Act 1955. This marriage is not recognized by any law. In this marriage, the parties are not viewed as husband and wife.