NEW DELHI :-The word ‘copier’ is made up of the word ‘copy’. The word ‘copy’ refers to the handwriting. It was first used for copyright in 1586.

According to Roman law, when a person writes something on a piece of paper, the owner of that handwriting is considered its author.

According to the Oxford Dictionary,
Copyright is the sole right of an author, artist etc., by which he can print it, publish it or remove the original copies and sell it,

According to Section 14 of the Copyright Act 1957,
For the purpose of this Act, copyright means the exclusive right to authorize or to do any of the following works in relation to any work or substantial part thereof, i.e.

(A) in the case of any literary play or musical work

(B) In the case of a computer program

(C) in the case of an art culture

(D) in the case of a film

(E) in the case of any record

Essential elements of copyright: –

  • New creation
  • Creating Values
  • Composition to be original

Copyright features

Rights created by law

Intellectual property type right

Patent right

Negative right

Multilateral rights

Rights against persons of other states

Neighboring rights

Copyright infringement

Sections 51 to 53 make provisions regarding copyright infringement. Copyright infringement occurs when a person does an act without the permission of the owner of a work that the sole right to do is conferred on the copyright owner in the act. The work is done by the people who send the book or composition, they hire it, they do business and unveil the things in it.

Distribute the book for business purposes or to adversely affect the interests of the copyright owner

Displays in public for business

Signs for sale or rental

It is worth remembering Creating or publishing works on books set by the University will be considered copyright infringement,

If the two drugs cause the ground getup, color, an item to be seen in general, and the customer buys a duplicate in place of the original, then the carpeting of the counterfeit goods will be considered an infringement of copyright

Owner shall have the following types of compensation available for copyright infringement

  1. Injunction
  2. Compensation
  3. Restitution