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25.  ‘A’ in good fair says of a book published by ‘Z’. ‘Z’s book is indecent Z must be a man of impure mind is this defamation punishable under section 500 of IPC.

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24.  X finds a government promissory note blogging to C bearing a blank endorsement X knowing that the note belongs to C pledged it with the banker as a security for loan intending to restore it to C within a week X :

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23.  ‘A’ by putting ‘Z’ in fear of grievous hurt dishonestly induces Z’ to sign or affix his seal to a bank paper and deliver it to ‘A’ ‘Z’ Sign and delivers the paper to ‘A’ , ‘A’ is guilty:

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22.  ‘A’ and ‘B’ who are cadets in the Indian Air Force take out from the Jodhpur aerodrome an aircraft without and authority of the commandant and Fly it away to Pakistan what offence has been committed by them:

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21.  A’ without Z’s consent and with intent to cause injury fear or annoyance means to Z incites a dog to spring upon Z what offence has been committed by A’ :

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20.  Z strikes ‘B’ ‘B’ is by this provocation excited to violent rage. A’a bystander intending to take advantage of B’s rage and to him to kill Z’ puts a knife into B’s hand for that purpose B’ kills ‘Z’ with knife what offence A’ is guilty of :

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19.  In Rex.v.Govinda the point of distinctions between the distinctions between the provisions of the following sections of the IPC were explained :

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18.  A Instigate B to instigate C to murder Z, B accordingly instigate C to murder Z and C commits that offence in consequence of B`s instigation A is :

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17.  Right to private defence of the body extends to voluntarily causing death if the offence which occasions the exercise of the right

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16.  A a black Smith is seized by a Gang of dacoits and forced by the threat of instant death to take his tools and to force the door of B`s house.The docoits ten number loots B,s money and jewellers and skills to be as son A :

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15.  X armed with a loaded pistol and Y empty handed go to Z shop in furtherance of their common intention to commit robbery X enters the shop and on being resisted in carrying away property shoots Z with pistol Z dies at once,. for what acts of X, Y is liable:

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14.  A an Indian citizens commits adultery in England which is not and opens in the country the alleged offence can be tired by:

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13.  The court may be order appoint a receiver of any property before decree:

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12.  The court shall reject and applications to sue as an indegent person

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11.  Where the appellant has withdrawn The Appeal preferred against a decree passed exparte the application under order 9 rule 13 shall be :

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10.  In which of the following cases can C set off the claim:

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9.    Where in a suit that defendant is absent from his residence and there is no likehood of his being found at the residence within a reasonable time service of the summons may be made on :

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8.    An order passed under section 151 CPC is:

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7.    In the case of public nuisance a suit for declaration and injections may be instituted by:

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6.      In a suit which relates to a railway the authority to be named as palintiff of defendant shall be :

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5.      In execution of a degree other than decree for maintenance passed against A what shall be the attachable portions if his salary is 700 per month:

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4.    Where the degree is for the partition of an undivided estate assessed to the payment of revenue to the government the partitions of the estate in accordance with the law for the time being in force , shall be made by:

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3.      Where the liability in relations to sum adjudged has not arising out of commercial transactions , the maximum yearly rate of interest awardable under section 34(1) of the CPC from the date of decree for payment of money to date of payment is:

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2.    An immovable property held by Y is situated at Bhopal and the wrongdoer personally works for gain at Indore A suit to obtain compensation for wrong to the property may be instituted :

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1.    Weather an issue heard and finally decided by a competent court of Limited jurisdiction shall operate as res judicata in a subsequent suit , that the aforesaid court was not competent of try :

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