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30.   Which one of the following under CPC is not correctly matched:

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29.   Pleadings should state:

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28.   Under which provision of CPC, execution of decree for specific performance for restitution of conjugal rights or for an injunction is provided:

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27.   A "Caveat" shall not remain in force after the expiry of

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26.   "It is a statement of claim, a document by presentation of which the suit is instituted." It is called as:

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25.   Under which of the foliowing provisions of CPC, the Court may at any stage of the proceedings allow either party to alter or amend his pleadings:

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24.   The doctrine of res judicata under Section 11 Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 applied to:

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23.   Which one of the following "Orders and Rules" of the CPC provide for "Framing of Issues".

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22.   Under Civil Procedure Code find the incorrect match:

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21.   A decree may be executed under Civil Procedure Code by:

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20.   Under which one of the following Sections of the CPC, the court may ask parties to a dispute to go for mediation:

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19.   Which one of the following is not a suit of civil nature?

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18.   The Inter-State Council is headed by:

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17.   Deccan Rivers are fed by:

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16.   The Supreme Court in which case directed all the States and Union Territories to consider the plight of acid attack victims and take appropriate steps regarding inclusion of their names under the disability list.

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15.   In ........ popularly wn as Gandhi Judgment, Supreme Court held that in the name of artistic freedom or critical thinking or generating the idea of creativity, a poet or a writer cannot put into the voice or image of a "historically respected personality" like Mahatma Gandhi, such language, which may be obscene

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14.   Which is the correct order of examination of witnesses?

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13.   Court will presume an abetment of suicide by a married woman, when it is shown that she committed suicide within a period of of her marriage:

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12.   The statement of a solitary witness:

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11.   Which of the following is correctly matched according to Indian Evidence Act:

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10.   The Supreme Court Judgment in Palvinder Kaur v. State of Punjab relates to:

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9.       Evidence by a dumb witness in sign language must be given:

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8.       A witness, who is unable to speak, gives his evidence in writing or by signs in the open court; evidence so given shall be deemed to be:

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7.       A magistrate can be compelled to answer questions on his own conduct as a Magistrate in Court:

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6.       An admission is the best evidence against the maker if it is:

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5.       'A' is tried for riot and is proved to have marched at the head of a mob. The cries of the mob are:

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4.       A confession by an accused made while in police custody, be proved against him only when made in the immediate presence of:

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3.       R.K. Malkani v. State of Maharashtra is retated to which of the foliowing:

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2.       Whether the contents of documents or electronic records, can be proved by oral evidence?

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1.       Whether in criminal proceedings the previous good character of an accused person is relevant:

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