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30.   When a party refuses to produce a document which he had noticed to produce –

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29.   A witness was asked whether he was not dismissed from a post for dishonesty. He denies it. The evidence is offered to show that he was dismissed for dishonesty-

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28.   Which isnot the main principle that underlies the law of evidence?

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27.   Leading question-

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26.   What number of witnesses will be required for the proof of any fact?

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25.   What is provision about an 'Accomplice'?

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24.   A Is charged with travelling on a railway without a ticket. The burden of proving that A had a ticket Is on-

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23.   A agrees, In writing, to sell a horse to B for Rs. 1,000 or Rs. 1,500. To show which price was to be given-

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22.   Admisslons are

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21.   A relevant contession will become irrelevant when-

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20.   The question Is, whether 'A' was ravished and thereater murdered? The fact that, without making a complaint, she sald that she had been ravished-

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19.   When will proceedings be vitlated if the Magistrate is not empowered to do so?

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18.   What is effect of trial conducted In wrong place?

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17.   When can a trial court release an accused on bail under Section 389(3) of Cr.P.C. after conviction?

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16.   If in a criminal appeal an accused dies and his near relatives wish to continue the appeal, then within how much period they mustapply?

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15.   In one trial A Is awarded with the sentence which is not appealable whereas sentence againat B is appealable. Whether A can file an appeal against his sentence?

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14.   Whenever a Magistrate is of opinlon, after hearing the ovidence for prosecution and the accused, that the accused Is gullty, and that he ought to receive a sovere punishment, then such Magistrate is empowered to Inflict, the Magistrate may forward the case to-

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13.   Whether an accused may be a competent witness In his own defence?

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12.   How much punishment may be awarded to an accused who is found gullty under a summary trial?

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11.   No person shall be appolnted as a Public Prosecutor for the District unless his name

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10.   What is true about Court of Session?

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9.       In a first Information an offence is cognizable and other is non-cognizable the whole case shall be deemed to be –

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8.       How much amount oft monthly maintenance may be awarded in tavour of a wite under Section 125 of Cr.P.C.?

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7.       A person arrested by a police officer may be kept in custody for-

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6.       What sentence an Assistant Sessions Judge may award?

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5.       A Court after holding trial, convicts and grants benefit of Probation of Offenders Act, 1958 to an accused. Which of the following orders is Impermissible in law:

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4.       A woman subjected to rape, gives a statement under Section 164 Cr.P.C. Implicating the accused for the offence. She commits suicide sometime later but before her statement could be recorded at the trial, Such statement recorded under Section 164 Cr.P.C. would be:

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3.       According to Section 7 of the Registration et, 1908, the State Government shall establish in every ……………………an office to be styled as e office of the Registrar. )

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2.       A stayed in the hotel of B for one week. He organised a party for his friends on 01.11.2014 the bill of which amounted to Rs. 40,000/-. He vacated his room on 05.11.2014 and settled all his bills except the bill of the party. B can sue A for the payment of Rs. 40,000/- within:

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1.       Section 6 of the Limitation Act, 1963 is available to

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