hijab controversy violation of fundamental rights

Hijab Controversy Violation Of Fundamental Rights

  New Delhi :- There’s a controversy about the practice of religion going on in the society, In general incidents of such discrimination keep happening day by day, Article 25 to Article 30 of the Constitution of India are related to religious empowerment, these articles are related to the promotion and adoption of religion of the person gives complete freedom as well as we will see how Article 15(2) ,  Article 29(1) , Article 14 and Article 21 are related.

Article 25 of the Indian Constitution gives the right to practice and propagate every religion and gives the right to profess a religion or to declare his religious belief openly and also gives the right to adopt the practice of that religion. We are talking about the freedom of every woman. Hijab is a dress adopted by the woman of her freedom will which is associated with her freedom. In the Muslim community, women must wear hijab, but if a woman does not wear hijab, then it is her own decision. Our constitution is based on secularism, not based on religion.

Article 25 is based on religious freedom, a person is completely free to profess his religious belief and belief, the state should not interfere in the internal freedom of the person, it will be a violation of the system of our democracy. We believe this article states does not prevent the state from making laws. The state works for public welfare, the state should not do that the living conditions of the people living in the state are banned It would be immoral to do so It would be against the basic elements of the constitution.

            Ratilal Pan Chand Gandhi Vs State of Bombay 1954 , 
In the case of the Supreme Court said that therefore the freedom of doing, that is believing in one’s religion is not for the followers of every religion, this right is equally available to all religions.

Hijab is a part of the religion of the Muslim community. When Article 25 of the Constitution gives the right to practice to every religion and at the same time Article 14 also talks about equality before the law then there is no such thing as discrimination.

The Muslim community comes under the minority community, Article 29(1) says that citizens of any part of the country, all communities whether they are tribal or residents living in the city all have the right to maintain their language or culture will have the right.

 In the Muslim community, it is considered a rule of Sharia to veil veils, it is considered to walk the path of religion. The purdah (Hijab) is a part of the culture of the Muslim community. Living without any interference without any discrimination is the fundamental right of every person’s life, according to Article 21 of the Constitution.

A person has the right to live freely as well as to get an education. The Constitution 86th Amendment, 2002 inserted Article 21-A in the Constitution of India to give free and compulsory education of all children in the age group of six to fourteen years as a Fundamental Right in such a manner as the State may, by law, determine.

fundamental rights

No person should be deprived of education, it is condemnable, discrimination is being done even in places like schools, the state should treat all citizens equally in all public places. It is immoral to deprive girl students of education and hijab recently, Article 15(2) of the constitution says that there will be no discrimination based on caste, community, religion.

On the one hand, we talk about morality, empowerment of women is important for us then the freedom of every woman should also be necessary be it a woman or a man of any religion or caste, the state should not object to her clothes or her living conditions. Secular is included in our constitution it does not talk about any religion, considers everyone equal. Everyone should keep respecting each other’s religions and brotherhood and unity and integrity of the country.


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