How to Prepare U.P. Judiciary Exam 2022

U.P. Judiciary Exam 2022: U.P. Judiciary notification 20222 has out and the discussion starts among the candidates about the prelims all talk about solving more and more MCQs, but according to my opinion. It is enough to read the Bare Act properly. That each stream must be read rectally it becomes necessary to read by connecting one section to another section.

According to Experts, you should make notes which prove to be a cure-all for you in the exam while preparing for the prelims; you should also include the notes along with the bare act with the section in the Bare Act. The explanations should be well understood two or four questions are also asked from the explanations (ILLUSTRATION) in the prelim these questions can also be asked indirectly or in any other form.

Along with this, it is also necessary to write and memorize the promises related to important section , it is often seen that questions related to important issues have been asked again and again. It is seen that some questions have been asked from recent issues.

If you get confident about the Preliminary exam. It boosts your confidence about the Mains exam as well. There are many books available for MCQs for Preliminary online or in the shop, keep solving MCQs along with the bare act, this will increase your confidence. It is also necessary to solve previous year’s papers with MCQs.

While reading the Bare Act, you should remember the concept of the section instead of memorizing the section. You can forget the number but if the concept is cleared then it will prove beneficial in both your mains and prelims  exam.

How to Prepare for General Knowledge and Case Law.


General Studies in Cracking U.P. Judiciary is also a big fact so it is advised to include the editorial page of The Hindu News Paper in your daily routine. The best way to prepare for general studies is to regularly prepare the notes of the editorial page and keep your preparation ready keep it up. GS part is also there in the mains exam in U.P. Judiciary. The best way to prepare for GK is to maintain consistency in making notes from newspapers regularly. It is very important to utilize the time properly at the exam time.


Case law is important in both prelim and main exams, case law is given directly in five to seven questions in a prelim, whereas in the main exam you need to include at least 2 case laws while writing an answer to the question. Case Law Both recent major decisions and landmark cases are important Candidates will have to work smartly and prepare case law for each topic in advance For recent case law, you can see the Criminal Law Judgment from the website of Hami Law House Live Law will also prove to be very important for Case Law.

How to Write an Answer

While writing the answer, keep in mind the point asked in the question, answer only what is asked, which shows this uniqueness, is clear and accurate. Article of the Constitution can be added to the IPC or IPC to the Constitution while writing the answer to While writing the paper in the exam keep in mind the time it is important to write the answer to all the questions, it shows your discipline (Time management).

Main Topics for Prelims and Mains Exam

  •  U.P.  Latest laws amendment and state government gazette.
  • The Hijab Controversy (Explanation of Articles 25 to 30)
  • The issue of Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB)
  • The issue of transfer and posting of bureaucrats
  • Delhi air pollution
  • Covid-19 Parole
  • Detention Centre
  • Use of social media
  • Internet ban controversy
  • Provisions related to disputed statements in the law.
  • Kashmiri Pundit movement
  • Delhi L.G. appointment
  • Collegium system of Supreme Court appointment.
  • 6 months Supreme Court Of India Judgements
  • Election commission of India
  • President of India
  • Social reform of India


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