Independence Act was passed on 18 July 1947

Independence Act was passed on 18 July 1947


Today, the country is celebrating the 74th anniversary of independence. To this day, thousands of people sacrificed their blood for their lives and struggled for a long time to drive out the British rule as they wanted to be implemented in the democratic system in the country in which every Will be seen the same.

 Indian Independence Act on 18 July 1947 for India’s independence, after a month, India Pakistan was completely liberated on the midnight of August 14-15.

This time is 74th Independence Day of Independence Day, which is being celebrated in a different way, the outbreak of Corona epidemic is spread all over the country.Every year the flag was hoisted in all private and government institutions in the country. This time all the government, private institutions, parades, cultural events are not happening, but there is no lack of curiosity about the anniversary of the independence of the country. In this online round, all video calls are zoomed through a Are congratulating the other.

Draft Indian Independence Act 1947

The battle for independence was being fought for a long time, but the British’s departure from India started coming from 1945. At the end of the term of Viceroy Wavell in February 1947Viceroy was sent to Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India, in whotion, which was also fulfilled, The British parliament passed theThe conditions that our cse partition India The important role has been the victory of the Labor Party ,Labor Party in the UK elections. The Labor Party promised independence on winning the elecountry was going through in the last 74 years were still fine, but this time is very terrible. The outbreak of epidemic in the country has greatly affected the daily life of the people. Save your democratic country from this beautiful country. Know your rights and perform your duties.