COURT :  Supreme Court of India (Division Bench (DB)- Two Judge)

JUDGEMENT NAME : Shakuntala Shukla Versus State of Uttar Pradesh and Another Appeal (Crl.), 876 of 2021,

JUDGEMENT DATE : Sep 07, 2021


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Important Paragraph

Paragraph 9.2  :- First of all, let us consider what is “judgment”. “Judgment”

Means a judicial opinion which tells the story of the case; what the case is

about; how the court is resolving the case and why. “Judgment” is

defined as any decision given by a court on a question or questions or

issue between the parties to a proceeding properly before court. It is

also defined as the decision or the sentence of a court in a legal

proceeding along with the reasoning of a judge which leads him to his

decision. The term “judgment” is loosely used as judicial opinion or

decision. Roslyn Atkinson, J., Supreme Court of Queensland, in her

speech once stated that there are four purposes for any judgment that is written

1) to spell out judges own thoughts;

2) to explain your decision to the parties;

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