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25.   Special Police officer under the Police Act 1861 can be appointed by-

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24.   The statutory powers of the Inspector General of Police under Section 7 of the Police Act, 1861 is subject to-

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23.   Under Section 25 of the Police Act, 1861 the charge of unclaimed property is to be take by-

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22.   The power of the District Superintendent of Police to regulate the volume of music on the roads on the occasion of festivals is provided under-

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21.   Under the U.P. Police Regulations a village chowkidar is responsible to the

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20.   Regulation of public assemblies and processions and licensing of the same is provided in Police Act, 1861 under-

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19.   Which one of the following Sections of Police Act contains provisions relating to General Diary?

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18.   Which Section of Police Act deals with the duties of police officers ?

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17.   Under which Section of Police Act the State Government is empowered to make Rules and Regulations governing the service conditions of members of Police Force-

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16.   Under which Section of Police Act additional police force is provided in a district on certain conditions-

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15.   A police constable compels a person to remain in police station on false case of theft and allowing him to go after receiving money from him. He is liable for-

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14.   Who is the Head of Criminal administration in a District?

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13.   Which paragraphs of the U.P. Police Regulations deal with the absconding offences?

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12.   What is the date of enforcement of the Police (U.P. Amendment) Act, 2001 ?

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11.   Which one of the following Sections of the police Act, 1861 has not been repealed? *

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10.   'A' finds a purse with money, not knowing to whom it belongs; he afterwards discovers that it belongs to 'B' and appropriates to his own use. 'A' is guilty of-

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9.       Insanity is-

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8.       'A'is cutting the wood with an axe at a place where children are playing ? The axe files off and kills a nearby child. 'A' is liable for-

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7.       The word 'good faith' is defined in the Indian Penal Code in-

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6.       'A' beats his wife, She fell down and became unconscious. Believing her to be dead and To save himself from being arrested for murder 'A' hanged her in the fan with rope. Postmortem report disclosed her death from hanging, he is liable for-

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5.       In which of the following offences 'Mens rea' is not an essential ingredient?

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4.       In a dark night 'A' and 'B' were fighting. B's wife keeping her child on her shoulder reached there for separating them. In the meantime A's fist fell on the back of the child and the child died 'A' is liable for-

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3. Assertion (A): "A' a boy aged nine years intentionally kills 'B'. 'A' is liable to be convicted. :
Reason (R) Codes: A child up to the age of 12 years is immune from criminal liability

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2.       In exercise of the right of private defence of property death cannot be caused in the case of –

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1.       'A' cheats by pretending to be 'B', a person who is deceased, 'A'is liable to be punished

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