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25.   In which of the following cases, the Court ls required to record evidence before framing of charge:

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24.   A woman aged 30 years and her son aged a. years, are witnesses to a murder. Their statements under Section 161 Cr.P.C. n be recorded by the Police Officer concerned at:

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23.   X knows that Y is a member of Scheduled Caste community. During the course of a free fight, X inflicts a grievous Injury to Y by a sharp weapon. X ls gullty of offence punishable under Section(s):

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22.   The bail application rejected by the Special Judge, SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, in a case involving offence/s under the sald Act, may be challenged in the High Court, by filing:

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21.   A being the owner of a plot of land, sells the same to B through a registered sale deed in the year 2005. B however does not make full payment to A. A again sells the same land to C in the year 2010 without Informing him of the earlier transaction of 2005. Who would be the person aggrieved in these circumstances:

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20.   A vehicle, container or a receptacles used for commission of an offence punishable under the NDPS Act, 1985, shall not be liable to be confiscated:

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19.   Before searching a suspect carrying a bag contalning narcotic drugs In his hand, the Officer concerned is required to apprise hlm of his right to be searched in the presence of:

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18.   A private vehicle proceeding on a Highway, suspected to be carrying psychotropic drugs, may be searched by:

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17.   Where, after inquiry under Section 15 of the Juvenile Justice (care and protection of children) Act, 2015, the Juvenile Justice Board is satisfied that a child above 16 years of age, has committed a helnous offence and should be tried as an adult, It may:

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16.   A Children Court trying a child in confiict with law for a heinous offence, Is not empowered to:

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15.   Which of the following orders may not be passed by the Juvenile Justice Board after conducting inquiry of a child in conflict with law:

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14.   While assessing age of a person under the Juvenile Justice (care and protection of children) Act, 2015, the Court/Board is required to consider the documents/evidence In the following order of preference:

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13.   An Information, supplied by an accused under Section 27 of the Evidence Act, shall be recorded:

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12.   A complainant, of a Magistrate triable case Instituted upon a complaint, can challenge the ludgment of acquittal passed by the competent court, by filing:

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11.   The offences under Section 66B, 66C, 66D E of Information Technology Act, 2000. are:

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10.   In a suit against a Corporation, the summons may be served on:

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9.       Under Sale of Goods Act, 1930, movable good does not include:

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8.       Under section 10 of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 every partner is under a duty:

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7.       The provisions for removal and suspenslon of any member or Chairperson of a Panchayati Raj Institution under the Rajasthan Panchayati Raj Act, 1994 are contained in:

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6.       An order refusing to refer the partles to arbitration under Section 8 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 is appealable Re under:

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5.       Under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, in the case of International commerclal arbitration 'Court' means:

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4.       Under the General Rules (Civil), 1986 all pleadings, applications and petitions filed in the course of civil judicial proceedings, shall be written In:

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3.       Which of the following is not a negotiable Instrument:

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2.       The power of review on the Board of Revenue and other revenue courts is conferred by which provision of the Rajasthan Tenancy Act, 1955:

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1.       Which of the contract is not specifically enforceable:

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