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25.   If a person, with a knowledge that the feelings of group of people is likely to be wounded, trespasses a place set apart for the performance of funeral rights, he commitsa crime described under Section:

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24.   against fine from the persons violating traffic rules. Instead of depositing the fine money with State Treasury, he utilized the same for his personal use. What offence under Indian Penal Code, the police officer has committed?

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23.   The term 'unlawful assembly' means:

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22.   Statement No. 1: Directive Principles of State Policy are not enforceable by any Court Statement No, 2: Directive Principles of State Policy are fundarnental in the governance of the country.

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21.   Which of the following is a constitutional right but not a fundamental right?

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20.   The Supreme Court has held that right to fly the National Flag with respect and dignity is a fundamental right of every citizen within the meaning of Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India in the case of:

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19.   Under the Rajasthan Municipalities Act, 2009 a person, against whom an order has been passed under Section 117 of the Code of Criminal Procedure in the proceedings instituted under Section 110 of the said Code; and such other has not been subsequently reversed, is disqualified for being chosen as member of a Municipality:

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18.   If any dispute arises between a Panchavati Raj Institution and other Local Authority, the same shall be referred to:

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17.   Under the Rajasthan Panchayati Rai Aet 1994, the functions and powers of Zila Parishad are speficied in:

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16.   Under the Rajasthan Right to Hearing Act, 2012, the power to make rules to carry out the purposes of the enactment has been Commissioner conferred on:

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15.   Where the plaintiff, in a suit for specific performance, proves the existence of the agreement and its non-performance by the defendant, the Court:

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14.   In the Rajasthan Tenancy Act, 1955, such provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 which do not apply to the suit or proceedings under that Act are contained in:

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13.   Under which provision of the Rajasthan Land Revenue Act, 1956, any dispute concerning any boundaries can be decided by the Land Records Officer?

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12.   Under the Rajasthan Rent Control Act, 2001, which of the following landlord is entitled to recover immediate possession of a residential premises:

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11.   In the arbitral proceedings, where a party fails to appear at an oral hearing or fails to produce documentary evidence:

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10.   Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the arbitral proceedings, in respect of a particular dispute commence on the date:

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9.       Under Section 173 of the Motor Vehicles Act. a person aggrieved by an award of the Tribunal can prefer an appeal to

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8.       The land, for the beneficial enjoyment of which easement exists, is called:

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7.       The Rule of 'res ipsa loquitur' is related to the tort of:

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6.       The rule of 'strict liability' propounded in the case of Rylands v. Fletcher is not applicable:

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5.       In a criminal trial , without producing the Chemical Examiner to the Government , the report given by him upon a thing duly submitted for analysis in the course of any proceeding under the Code of Criminal Procedure :

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4.       The offence affecting the socio - economic condition of the country , to which ples bargaining is not applicable , shall be notified by :

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3.       In a summons ense , when the accused appears or is brought before the Magistrate it shall not be necessary to :

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2.       To whom , as per Section 98 of the Code of Criminal Proceduro , a compinint on oath for restoration of in abducted female child to the person having her owus charge , maybe presented ?

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1.       For the purpose of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 , who from amongst the following , may determine the language each Court in the State other than the High

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