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25.   Unless non-access is proved the presupmation as to legitimacy of any child born during the continuance of a valid marriage between his mother and any man is :

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24.   X sues Y for money due on a bond. The executions of the bond is admitted but Y says said that it was obtained by fraud which X denies. The burden of proof is :

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23.   A hires logging off bi and give a card on which is written rooms 200 a month of Tenders oral evidence to prove a verbal agreement that these term were to include partial board the evidence is :

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22.   For proving execution of a registered will it shall :

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21.   In which of the following cases can secondary evidence of the contents of a document to not to be given :

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20.   ‘A' prosecutes B' for stealing a cow for him. B' is convicted. A' afterwards sue C'for the cow which B had sold to him before his conviction.The judgement against B is :

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19.   Telling his wife that P's wife had called him to receive payment due to him K leaves his house after two days is his dismember body is found in trunk in P's trail for murder of K the statement made by K of his wife is :

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18.   A voluntarily confession is admissible in evidence when made :

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17.   Confession of an accused is irrelevant and inadmissible when made :

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16.   The question is whether a was a ravished? As conduct the fact that without making a complaint to she said that she was Ravished is :

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15.   In relations to the expression define in section 3 of the Indian Evidence Act which of the following statement is not correct

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14.   A is accused of an act which may amount to theft or receiving stolen property of criminal breach of Trust or cheating. He is only charged with theft but it appears that he committed the offence of criminal breach of trust. He maybe :

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13.   Inherent power under section 482 Cr.PC can be exercised by :

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12.   If the offence is punishable with fine only the period of limitation for taking cognizance of it shall be:

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11.   On an application made by a person apprehending arrest on accusation of having committed to non bailable offence the High Court on the court of session may under section 438 CrPC give the direction that:

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10.   A appeal against an order of acquittal passed by the court of Judicial Magistrate First Class shell Lie to:

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9.       The maximum term of imprisonment awardable in summary trial is:

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8.       If it appears to the magistrate that the offence complained of is office triable exclusively by the court of sessions he under section 202 Cr.PC postponing the issue of process against the accused:

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7.       In relations to first information report which of the following statement is not correct :

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6.       Under sub section (1) of section 146 CrPC the magistrate may attach the subject of dispute if :

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5.       A district magistrate or a sub-divisional magistrate may prevent environmental pollution under provision of Cr.PC

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4.       No wife shall be entitled to receive maintenance from her husband under section 125 CrPC if :

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3.       A chief judicial magistrate may pass a sentence of :

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2.       Warrant case means a case

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1.       ‘A’ Find the key to ‘Y’s house door which ‘Y’ had lost and commits house trespass by entering ‘Y’ house having opened the door with that key . what offence has A committed:

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