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25.   A give a lakh of rupees to B reserving to himself with B's assent the right to take back at pleasure ₹10000 out of lakh. The gift :

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24.   In which of the following cases, a lease of immovable property does not determine :

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23.   A mortgage by deposite of title deed is called :

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22.   If the sale and agreement to repurchased are embodied in separate document than the transaction cannot be a mortgage this was laid down in :

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21.   The doctrine of Lis pendens applies where :

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20.   A believing in good faith that he is absolutely entitled thereto sows crops on B land. The crops are growing at the time of his eviction A is entitled to :

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19.   The farm of Sultanpur is the property of C and worth ₹80000 A by an instrument of gift Professes to transfer it to be giving by the same instructions ₹100000 to C, A dies before the election B Shall be :

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18.   A transfer ₹500 to B be paid to him on his attaining his maturity or marrying with a proviso that if B dies a minor or marries without consent. The said ₹500 shall go to D. B marriage when only 17 years of age without C's consent. The said ₹500 shall go to?

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17.   In which of the following cases transfer of immovable property can be made without writing :

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16.   What may be transferred

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15.   Under section 3 of the Transfer of Property Act the following does not amount to notice :

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14.   A landlord disconnects the electric supply of tenant unlawfully and without any reasonable cause who can order to remain the Electric Supply on the appellant's application :

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13.   On the complaint of the tenant if is satisfied that the landlord without any reasonable cause refused to accept rent he may levy on the landlord a fine. who is he :

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12.   A tenant's defence against eviction under the M.P. accommodation Control Act may be struck out if he :

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11.   A revision against a final order passed by the rent controlling authority on an application submitted by a retired government servant for erection of his tenant on the ground of Bonafide requirement to Shall be to :

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10.   The ground for eviction that the tenant has built accommodation suitable for his purpose is available only where the purpose of letting is :

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9.       Whose business can a landlord not obtain decree for eviction against his tenant in respect of a non residential accommodation

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8.       which of the following is correct

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7.       Which of the following acts cannot from ground of eviction of the tenant :

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6.       After the service of notice of demand to suit for eviction of a tenant on the ground of default in payment of arreas of rent shall be instituted until the expiration of :

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5.       Pending Final Decision on the application for fixing the standard rent an interim may be fixed by

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4.       If wife is the owner of the accommondation and the husband recovers rent from the tenant . Landlord according to the defination given in section 2(b) of aforsaid act , would be:

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3.       Which of the following is not an accommondation as defined in section 2(a) of the M.P. Accommondation control act :

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2.       Which of the following statements is not correct :

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1.       Which of the following statements is correct :

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