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25.   A enters into a contract with B to sign at his threatre two Nights in every week during the next two months and B engages to pay her at rate of ₹1000 for each night. A willfully Absent herself on the six night about with the ascent of a signal on the seventh night be

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24.   Which of the following agreement is not void:

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23.   A suit for money at and received does not lie in the following set of circumstances:

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22.   A contract by a minor is absolutely void this was laid down it :

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21.   Which of the statements as to consideration is not correct:

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20.   L' is sent to search for G's nephew in the meantime G' by advertisement offer a reward of ₹501 anyone who finds has nephew. L' is traces the boy and subsequent knowing about the reward claim it. To the reward L is :

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19.   Which of the following transfers is valid :

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18.   In respect of which of the following maters jurisdictions of the civil court is not excluded:

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17.   If a Boomi- Swami beloging to an aboriginal tribe is disposed of the land otherwise than in due to course of Law he may apply for reinstatement within:

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16.   With reference to an application for partition of holding if any questions of title raised the Tahsildar:

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15.   Any land comprised in his holding may be given on lease continuously for more than three years by a bhumiswami who:

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14.   For recovery of arreas of land revenue the following shall not be attached and sold:

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13.   Penalty for encroaching upon a recognised Road can be imposed by:

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12.   All entries made under chapter IX of M.P. land revenue code in the land record shall be presumed to be:

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11.   The jurisdictions to decide any dispute to which the state government is not a party relating to any right which is recorded in the record of rights is conferred on:

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10.   Under the provisions of the MP land revenue code and appeal shall Iie from an order:

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9.       If any person fails to comply with summons to attend as witness the revenue officer cannot:

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8.       Which of the following is the principal seat of the board of the revenue:

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7.       Revenenue year as defined in section 2 (V) of them MP land revenue code commences from:

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6.       X entrusts Y with negotiable instruments endorsed in bank Y sells them to Z in violation of private orders from X the sale is:

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5.       A employs B to recover 1000 from C through B’s misconduct the money is not recovered B is:

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4.       X hires a carriage of Y. The carriage is unsafe through Y is not aware of it and X is injured for the injury to X,Y is:

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3.       A becomes surety to C for B’s conduct as a manager of C’s bank. Afterwards B and C contract without A ‘s permission that B shall become liable for one fourth of the losses on overdraft B allows a customer to overdraw and the bank loses a sum of money .To make a good to this loss is:

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2.       A contracts to sale and deliver 500 Bales of cotton to B on a fixed day a knows nothing of Bs mode of conducting his business A breaks his promises and B having no cotton is obliged to close his mill. Is responsible for the loss caused to be by the closing of mills:

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1.       which of the following is not a Quasi contract:

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