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25.   What punishment may be awarded to the person whose act is covered under general exceptions?

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24.   A voluntarily throws into a river a ring belonging to B with intention thereby causing wrongful loss to B. A has committed

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23.   A make an attempt to pick the pocket of B by thrusting his hand into B 's pocket. A fails in the attempt in consequence of B's having nothing in his pocket. A is guilty of-

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22.   What is the offence preparations whereof is also punishable?

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21. A threatens to publish a defamatory libel concerning B unless B gives him money.He thus induces B to give him money. A has Committed -

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20.   What is not correct about 'Rape'?

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19.   What must be age of a minor with regard to the offence of kidnapping?

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18.   A police officer arrested and detained at a person in the lookup despite the production of bail order from the court. Police officer is guilty of-

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17.   Which is not the stolen property

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16.   What punishment is provided for Dowry death?

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15.   A instigates B to give false evidence. Here if B does not give false evidence, what offence A has committed?

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14.   If the offence be punishable with fine only and accused has been awarded with fifty rupees find then, the period of imprisonment in default shall -

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13.   An Attachment made before judgement in a suit which is dismissed for default

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12.   Where an indigent person succeeds, the court fee shall be recovered?

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11.   Where a decree of compromise which was not lawful, there

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10.   Where any party dies after conclusion but before pronouncement of judgement?

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9.       Where any property has been attached in execution of decree and the court for any reason passes and order dismissing the execution application but omits to give any direction as to attachment?

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8.       In which condition the officer in charge of the prison Mein refused to produce the Prisoner for evidence despite court's order?

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7.       Where the suit is dismissed under rule 2 Or 3 of order 9 CPC the plaintiff?

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6.       Where the plaint has been rejected the plaintiff on the same cause of action?

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5.       If a party who was obtained it an order for leave to amend pleading does not amend the same within how many days, he shall not be permitted to do without leave of court?

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4.       Caveat shall not remain in force after expiry of -

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3.       Who among the following is not entitled to exemptions from personal appearance in the court?

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2.       Where the decree is for the payment of sum of money exceeding 5000 rupees the period of civil prison?

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1.       If any case in which the defendant sets up counterclaim the suit of the plaintiff is stayed discontinued or dismissed the counter claim

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