Rape is the most heinous crime – Adv. Grijesh

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Rape Is The Most Heinous Crime

Question 1: Rape is the most heinous crime against the society but the punishment for this act is not as harsh as it should be, would you suggest death penalty for rape if yes then why? explain it.

Answer: On hearing the word rape, there is a feeling of inner sorrow and for the woman it is not a crime but an oppression of her strength, physical, mental and soul.

Statistics say that rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) annual report for 2019, 32037 rape cases were registered across the country, with an average of 88 cases registered daily.

It is known that the rape is done by a relative or a well-known person of the victim, in such a situation, many times the family does not file a case to save themselves or to save the person who gives them their relationship or reputation.

From the above written facts it can be inferred that every girl or woman has to go through such situations at some point in life. There are  rarely some women Those who bring the mentality of such men in front of the society by raising their voice when a man does such an act, apart from this it is common to see people standing on the roads looking at women.

This mentality compels women to stay in the house. Wherever she is present in the office, home , etc. incidents of harassment come to the for. This is a heinous crime against the society “Rape is a abhorrent crime against the society” First thing I would like to say is that rape is a rapist feeling which arises in the mind of men to think of women as their object . One who treats women as objects of his sexuality.

Rape is a crime due to which the life of women becomes hell while being alive. Today the incidents of rape against women in society are increasing day by day,  in such a situation, despite having thousands of cases but punishment is not given on time for justice.  failing to do so most of the criminals somehow get bail and live their life happily.

It is disgusting that the criminal to be acquittal  and what a disgrace it would be for a society where there is no justice for the victim and no punishment for the criminal.

Legal Provisions Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code 1860 defines rape and sub-sections of Section 376 of the Act as follows: Sections 376(A), 376(B), 376(C), 376(D), 376D(A), 376D(B) and 376(E). The provision of punishment has been made keeping in mind the possible circumstances that may occur at all levels.

The crime figures we get at the beginning of the answer, does it seem that the offense has been made punishable to such an extent that no criminal can escape the legal provisions . This provisions are sufficient to punish the offender. Yes !

Even after all this, it is because crimes do not come to the fore to a large extent and even if they do come, either there is a lot of delay till the punishment is received or the culprit is not punished.

Is sexuality so strong that it does not allow man to be a man I believe that the one who commits such crimes is not a man, he is a violent animal.

The provision of punishment does not affect only by being harsh, it is known to all that If the crime of murder is punishable by death, then whether the murder has ceased or the punishment of someone is as much as to stop the crime, to what extent there is a fear of punishment but then those who commit the crime are not afraid of the law.  But there are many people who save them, they know that in the society only the rapist does not rape, there are many anti-social elements behind him, under the guise of which he does this and does it without fear.

Suggestion of Death Penalty:

Since ancient times, there is a provision of punishment for crimes harsh in  there is a provision of general punishment.  I believe that there should be death penalty for rape because the person who does not understand the life of another and his humanity. He considers it to be a mere means and not just one of his feelings . He becomes an animal from a human to fulfill his ill-will for him the death penalty is absolutely right so that he should not do it again or allow this abominable crime to happen in the society . But the idea is correct that the provision of punishment alone is not capable of abolishing a crime, what is a creature that has a lot of good, yet a lot of evil, cannot be eliminated through punishment.

Thoughts are the only ones that can change the inner soul of man so I think that the exchange of pure thoughts between people is dominant so that a pure environment can be provided to the society by running programs.